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  • Dec 7

    I have been immersed in Dr Gundry’s book ‘Diet Evolution’ for 2 days.
    Dr Steven Gundry is one more highly qualified medical specialist who is on the prevention (not survival) wave.

    Dr Gundry explains clearly how our genes work in relation to our need for food.  He explains why our genes have responded to our changed diets in our Western world, which has created so much chronic disease (heart disease, cancer, arthritis, strokes, diabetes). He advocates removing grains (eg flour and cereals) sugar and sugar substitutes from our diet, and to eat more raw food.



    The book is optimistic – it is possible to trick our genes into reversing chronic disease.  Dr Gundry provides patient testimonials of people of all ages – some with obesity and some ‘normal’ weight.

    Dr Gundry provides eating plans for each phase, as well as what I think is the most crucial – an eating plan for the rest of our life.

    Dr Gundry recommends that we eat meat that has grazed on plant food (not factory fed grain) to ensure that we humans get all the nutrients we need.  You may be surprised to learn that we not only get protein from meat – plant food contains protein too. He also advises topping up with nutritional supplements and provides dosage recommendations.

    This is a book for people who are serious about getting healthy for life and/or longevity because it does take dedication and willpower to change from our lazy habits.  But it is so worth it, because the people who have already made the change are not only enjoying true health, they have more energy and are getting more enjoyment from living.

    Watch this: 11 minute video of Dr Gundry explaining why he wrote the book. Dr. Gundry explains that he was once an obese heart surgeon with pre-diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.

    Here are links to videos of Dr Steven Gundry:
    Contour Dermatology: Body, Mind, Spirit Seminar – Dr. Gundry (1/4)

    Contour Dermatology: Body, Mind, Spirit Seminar – Dr. Gundry (2/4)

    Contour Dermatology: Body, Mind, Spirit Seminar – Dr. Gundry (3/4)

    Contour Dermatology: Body, Mind, Spirit Seminar – Dr. Gundry (4/4)

  • Aug 19

    A review of the book “Breakthrough – Eight Steps to Wellness, Life-altering secrets from today’s cutting-edge doctors” by Suzanne Somers

    When I began to read “Breakthrough- Eight Steps to Wellness” my head was spinning. There is so much valuable information here and I wanted to soak it all up. Suzanne has interviewed 17 medical professionals who are at the cutting-edge of long-term anti-aging medicine. The book has 450 pages of life-altering secrets and it is packed into small print. If you want to live the rest of your life in vibrant optimum health – then this book is a must-read.

    To quote Suzanne ‘Knowledge is power’. To anyone (and really everyone) who would like to enhance their health knowledge, then this book will certainly fill in many gaps. We can all be responsible for our own true health once we become armed with knowledge.

    For me I had never heard of new technologies such as nanotechnology, stem cells and energy medicine. I did not understand the significance of bioidentical hormone therapy. I now have a deeper understanding as to why nutritional supplements are so vital for our well-being. The people who are at the cutting-edge of this new technology are passionate about what they are achieving.

    I strongly suggest that you get your own copy of Suzanne’s book and read it with an open-mind.

    Get your copy of “Breakthrough” now from

    Read what Suzanne Somers has to say about curing and preventing cancer -(right click on this link) an interview about her book ‘Knockout’.

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