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  • May 18

    Our skin’s appearance can make us look younger or older than our real age. How do we prevent our skin from aging? And do we need natural ingredients in skincare to stay looking young?

    A baby’s skin takes 14 days to turnover or replace skin cells.
    20-30 year olds take up to 28 days to replace cells.
    Those of us over 40 can take up to 90 days to experience cell turnover.

    The struggling dermis needs more nutrition to help skin turnover, especially dry skin and all the problems of aging skin.  Over doing exfoliating will cause more harm than good, therefore, only exfoliate when required and dry skin requires it less since it is already in distress. Oily skin might require it more often. Knowing your skin is really key here, but over exfoliating is never the answer.  Nutrition from skincare and supplement products is really important for all skin but especially dry skin and aging skin.

    There are 6 causes of skin aging according to Bea Kinnear (Your Skin and You).

    1. Moisture – hydrated skin fights off toxic products and a toxic environment.
    2. Caffeine – as caffeine is a diuretic, it dehydrates our skin. To balance the drying effect, drink three glasses of pure water to one cup of coffee, tea or soft drink.
    3. Smoking – this also is a dehydrator but also reduces the necessary oxygen flow to the skin. Smoking reduces the body’s supply of Vitamin A and the absorption of Vitamin C, which are both vital to protect our skin.
    4. Sun exposure – ultraviolet radiation damages the many layers of our skin and promotes skin cancer and wrinkles. However we do need to either expose our skin very carefully to the sun so that it does not burn and/or take a vitamin D3 supplement, as vitamin D3 is an important factor in our body’s health.
    5. Soap – it can dehydrate the skin, affecting the PH factor.
    6. Skin care products – one of the major contributors to premature aging are products made with inferior and questionable ingredients. Barrier type products suffocate the skin and inhibit its ability to function properly.

    Natural ingredients in skincareThere is a big push in marketing skincare to make it ‘natural’ and ‘organic’. It up to us consumers to be aware that there are some ‘natural’ ingredients that are irritants to our skin and we do need to avoid them.

    Natural ingredients can be made up of known and unknown ingredients. The two types of natural ingredients are a) essential oils and b) botanical.

    Essential oils are also known as volatile oils and are from the plants that produce fragrances which may cause skin irritations. Some of the many essential oils to avoid are witch hazel, peppermint, jasmine, lavender extract and menthol.

    Botanical ingredients are from the part of the plant that offer a vitamin source. They provide good antioxidants to the skin.

    We also need to be aware of the types of preserving agents used in skincare. Many preservatives have the potential to cause allergic reactions on sensitive skin, and some preservatives do not support the product. Products that come in jars that require finger-dipping may become prone to bacteria.

    Two preservatives to avoid are formaldehyde-releasing preservatives and parabens. The most common names are: Diazolidinyl Urea, Quaternium-15, Imidazolidinyl Urea, DMDM Hydantoin, Methyldibromo glutaronitrile, butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

    All that might sound like a science lesson to you and you may be thinking that this is just too hard. It is reassuring that there are now products on the market that are self-preserving without any nasty chemicals and irritating essential oils. We just have to be on the look out for them.

    If you would like to find about the anti-aging skin care products that I use and recommend, please use the contact form on this site.

    And if you would like to learn more, you can download this document that helps you to understand why the technology of cosmetic scientists and nutrition experts need to have the same goals when developing a state-of-the-art skin care products.

    I also recommend Bea Kinnear’s book Your Skin and You

    Find out which self-preserving skincare products I use and recommend.

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  • Apr 24

    25 Reasons to use Antiaging Eye Cream. I must admit, I have been very slack at applying eye cream and now the wrinkles are starting to show. I have always wondered if there is such a thing as an antiaging eye cream. Thanks to Marie Bertrand, I now know there is. And I now use it too!

    25 Reasons Why I LOVE my Eye Nourisher

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at 9:59am

    1. It works on fine lines and wrinkles, thanks to its active ingredient “Centella asiatica”.

    2. It gently exfoliates the eye contour, which is very difficult to do in a normal skin care routine.

    3. When combined with oral intake of a high-quality grape-seed extract (typically 2 tablets in the morning and 2 at night), my Eye Nourisher helps fade the appearance of dark circles in all skin types – caucasian, african american, asian, indian, …

    4. Because of the presence of the Regenisomes, it actually repairs DNA damage around the delicate eye area.

    5. My Eye Nourisher is strongly antioxidant and will prevent future fine lines and wrinkles.

    6. Its texture is light yet moisturizing.

    7. It will not cause milia around the eye contour.

    8. My patients usually start to see results within 3 weeks, when applied twice a day.

    9. It is hypoallergenic and very well tolerated when properly applied (always stay on the periorbital bone and pat, pat, pat all around the eye).

    10. Echinacea helps soothe and calm the delicate eye contour.

    11. It contains vitamins A, C and E – essential for healthy skin cells around the eye.

    12. It is free of added chemical preservatives. (if you don’t quite grasp why that’s important, please refer to my other discussion “The problem with Chemical Preservatives)

    13. The DSR Technology it contains helps prevent the breakdown of collagen, an essential protein for skin’s youthful appearance.

    14. The DSR technology is an acid-free exfoliating technology that includes Glucosamine HCI, algae extract, yeast extract and urea. All natural ingredients!

    15. In clinical studies, the DSR Technology has been shown to improve the appearance of:
    a) fine lines & wrinkles,
    b) superficial and deep firmness,
    c) clarity of the skin and
    d) strengthening of the skin (makes it less sensitive!)

    16. One tube is inexpensive in comparison to other brands (do your research, skin care lovers!)

    17. It is the #1 Treatment Eye Product at my clinic, SkinScience (actually, it’s the only one we carry now, because it works better than anything else on the market)

    18. Patients come back and purchase 2-3 tubes at a time, because they are so impressed with the results! They want to share this great product with their friends & family. I can live with that. 🙂

    19. It’s like food for your eye area: green tea, grape seed extract, whole grape extract, oryzanol (rice bran extract) – what a powerful blend of healthy ingredients!

    20. Two (2) different forms of vitamin C ensure skin cells are protected inside and out.

    21. For aestheticians and spas, my Eye Nourisher can be used to perform a lymphatic drainage of the eye contour before a masque or before a galvanic treatment.

    22. It is perfectly safe to use with a galvanic device, as it does not contain any ingredients that can harm the skin or body when used on a long term basis (contrary to a lot of products out there that are meant to be used with such devices but do contain chemical preservatives).

    23. Just as an FYI, the Regenisomes in this product can be found on the ingredient listing as “Micrococcus Lysate”, which is an extract from a natural source. (sorry for the nerdiness!)

    24. My Nourisher acts on ALL aspects of aging of the eye area.

    25. It is a great product to offer a friend to introduce him/her to an antiaging skincare line.

    I rest my case!

    Marie Bertrand
    Microbiologist and Skin Scientist
    SkinScience Clinic |

    Find out which self-preserving eye cream and skincare products I use and recommend.