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  • Nov 2

    They Live Longer by Harry Mouratidis, MSc and Dr George Price, FRCPCHealthy Aging Resources

    Earlier this year, Harry Mouratidis asked me to review his book, They Live Longer – the secrets of healthy 90 year-olds. For anyone who is searching for the “elixir of life”, then this book certainly provides some answers.  Reading about people who are in the 90’s and 100’s and are still healthy, active and enjoying life is an inspiration.

    One of the main stand outs of this book for me is that most of the wonderful youthful nonagenarians who were interviewed have an engaging attitude – and I believe that it is mainly the strength of their beliefs that have kept them youthful for their age.

    As Harry states, synergy – the result of more than one factor certainly does have an influence.  A combination of a healthy diet, daily exercise, participating in their community and with their families, hard work, expectations, avoiding stress, being a master of your own destiny and positive thinking all does have an effect.

    The authors back up the delightful wisdom provided by the interviewees with scientific research – which provides the reader with the knowledge to incorporate into their own life. Included are the 7 steps of THE MASTER LONGEVITY STRATEGY.

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    This book may be purchased from They Live Longer