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  • Apr 22

    As we get older our lips lose their colour and become thinner. We could resort to fillers and have those big fat lips you see on girls in TV infomercials or for a natural look you could try these 3 Steps to Luscious, Beautiful Lips quick tips.

    3 Steps to Luscious, Beautiful Lips

    Thursday, February 18, 2010 at 3:27pm
    The first step toward lush, beautiful lips? Keep them soft, and your lip color will go on smoothly.

    1. EXFOLIATE. Because lip skin is thinner than skin elsewhere, it’s prone to dryness and chapping. Before adding color to your lips, remove any dry, flaky skin. Two tricks:

    o Rub a damp washcloth or a wet toothbrush gently over lips.
    o Pick up a gentle exfoliating product that uses RICE BRAN and PAPAYA. This triple exfoliating treatment has rice bran beadlets and papaya extract to naturally exfoliate and smooth the lips.

    2. MOISTURIZE. During the day, before applying lipstick or gloss, rub on a thin layer of lip balm with petrolatum or mineral oil. These ingredients are hearty and won’t wear off easily. Before heading to bed, slather your lips with lip balm — you’ll get maximum moisturizing benefits while you sleep. Try an ANTIOXIDANT LIP BALM, which features natural oils to seal in moisture and antioxidants to prevent damage and dryness.

    3. COMBAT LINES. The muscles around your mouth are used frequently — when you talk, kiss or chew, for example. That’s why fine lines so readily develop along this area. When you apply sunscreen before heading outside, don’t skimp on the skin around your lips (you can even apply a double coat of a DAYTIME MOISTURISER). At night, use a topical anti-aging / DNA repair treatment to build collagen, which helps plump up and fill out fine lines. A great choice is an EYE NOURISHING CREAM or a SERUM INTENSIVE LOTION.

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    Enjoy healthy, plump lips!

    Marie Bertrand
    Microbiologist and Skin Scientist
    SkinScience Clinic |

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