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  • Ten Healthy Aging strategies

    May 28

    Do you have any healthy aging strategies? I am a baby boomer and I am feeling great. However I see other boomers who are starting to crumble. Just recently a friend of mine, who is well under 50, has been diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells and will shortly be undergoing an operation. Her youngest daughter is 6 years old. Who do you know who has suffered from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and stroke? I have had two friends my age die from breast cancer and ovarian cancer in the last two years. What can we do to stay younger longer so that we can live life to the full?

    There are lots of commonsense things that we know about and can do (and should do).

    Here are ten healthy aging strategies:

    1. Enjoy sunshine! We need to spend 15 to 20 minutes in bright sun to allow our bodies to make the hormone Vitamin D. If you live in temperate zones (37 degrees north and south of the equator) consider topping up with a good quality Vitamin D3 product 1000 to 5000 iu daily.

    2. Eat fresh non-processed food. Eat a variety of fruit and veggies every day. Cut out sugar. Eat good quality protein in small amounts. Here is a few smoothie and juice recipes that are easy to make.  Dr Steven Gundry has written a book called ‘Diet Evolution’ which explains why our diets are so very important.

    3. Drink plenty of good water. Some people say they don’t like the taste. I have installed a reverse osmosis water filter and it not only makes the water taste delicious, chemicals and toxins have been removed. On top of flushing toxins out of the body, a major BENEFIT of drinking water is to carry NUTRIENTS into the cells of the body. In addition to helping nutrients get into the cells where they are needed, the benefit of drinking water in adequate amounts also helps to keep the CELLS well …hydrated so they can FUNCTION properly and efficiently. Cut down or stop drinking sugary drinks (and coffee and alcohol too).

    4. Exercise. Find something you enjoy – walking, dancing, cycling, gardening, jogging, pilates, zumba, playing golf…add a comment and tell us what you do for exercise and why you like it.

    5. Rest. Controlling stress is a big factor in our well-being. Find something that gives you peaceful enjoyment that releases you from life’s stresses. It may be meditation, listening to music, curling up with a good library book. What do you do for quiet enjoyment?

    6. Sleep soundlyClick here for more information

    7. Take advanced quality nutritional supplements. Taking once-a-day supplements will not make you healthier. Nor do supplements that are at Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA/RDI) doses. They are a waste of money. The best ones are at optimum levels. Everyone needs to at least take a mega antioxidant, a multi-mineral, a calcium/magnesium and omega-3 supplements.

    8. Check your attitude. Do you look for solutions or do you focus on the problems? Do you look for good in people or do you enjoy criticising? Do you work at being positive or negative? It’s your choice what you think – so choose wisely. This is a video of man who is making the most of what he has got.

    9. Have fun! Look after your friends and family. Make new friends. Share, laugh and cry together. Contribute to your community – giving is far more rewarding than receiving.

    10. Last but not least – visit your dentist. Yes, attractive looking teeth make us look younger and not only that, good oral health is vital for our health. This is a tip that is often overlooked. My journey over the last nine years has awakened me to the health benefits of good oral health. And on top of that, I am married to a dentist who has also been educating me about the toxic nature of mercury amalgam fillings. By going to your dentist regularly you will be helped to keep gum disease and tooth decay at bay. Bacteria in the mouth contributes to inflammation which may lead to heart disease and diabetes. If you have mercury amalgam fillings consider having them removed safely and replaced with natural white coloured fillings for younger looking teeth. Click here for more oral health information.

    For women 40+ who want to live life to the full and stay younger longer

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