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3 Responses to “Dr Davis’s Wheat Belly”

  1. […] out the book Wheat Belly by William Davis MD.  He says the (very) genetically modified strains of wheat used everywhere these days cause havoc […]

  2. Dr Rodney Ford said on

    Yes, I am also an advocate for Dr William Davis and his book “Wheat Belly”

    I have also written a similar book – from my experience as a pediatric gastroenterologist and allergist.

    I have come t the conclusion that we would all be better off by eliminating gluten from our diets. I present the evidence for this in my book “Gluten:ZERO Global”

    see –

    Cheers Dr Rodney Ford

  3. Thank you for dropping by Dr Ford. My husband and I are currently being guided by the regime that Dr Steven Gundry advocates in his book ‘Diet Evolution’.
    For me, it is easy to cut out all grain products and forget about trying to find substitutes.
    I am concerned that there is going to be a new ‘gluten free’ industry that is going to still cause world wide health issues.
    I will read your book in my summer holidays – thank you for bringing it to my attention.

    Did you read my husband’s story at this link?
    regards, Helen

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